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AWNA Meeting Agenda - May 5, 2005

   I.  Introductions

  II.  Almaden Winery Community Center Update - Traci Tokunaga

 III.  City of San Jose and District 10 Update - Leeland Wilcox

  IV.  Youth Lot Committee Update - Dede Smullen

       A. Youth Lot Dedication and AWNA Picnic - May 14, 2005; 11:00 AM
       B. Review status of the event; need volunteers to help out
       C. Status of equipment, pavers engraving, founder's plaques

   V.  Security Concerns In The Neighborhood - Michael Kubiniec

       A. Recent Thefts, Car Break-In
       B. Mail Thefts
       C. Break-Ins At the 1852 Winery Building

  VI.  Park Committee Update -  Michael Kubiniec

       A.  Additional volunteers needed for committee

 VII.  Miscellaneous / New Issues

       A. Web Site Update
       B. Future Activities; Volunteers Needed: Park, Neighborhood Watch, Summer Picnic
       C. Next Newsletter - Articles due July 8, 2005 to Jim Graham
       D. Other?

VIII.  Next Meeting - Thursday, August 4th, 7:00 PM (Pizza Social - 6:45 PM)

       A. New Location - Almaden Winery Community Center
       B. Other Meetings in 2005: October 6th, December 1st

Michael Kubiniec
President, Almaden Winery Neighborhood Association

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