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A message from the AWNA President!

To:         All Residents of the Old Almaden Winery Neighborhood
Date:      April 26, 2004

Subject:  Vandalism In Our Neighborhood

Over the last several weeks, incidences of vandalism are occurring in our
park and neighborhood. Plants are being stolen completely intact including
rose bushes and the new plants that were recently planted along Chambertin
Drive. These plants were purchased through private funds and planted by
neighborhood volunteers.

Additionally, rose bushes were recently taken from a home on Bordelais Dr.

A few points:

1. Volunteers and City workers who work in the park do so during the daylight
hours - not at night!  Therefore, if you see someone doing something with
plants after normal working hours, chances are he/she is not a member of the
Park Committee. Generally, no one works in the park on the weekend. An
exception to this was our recent community planting day activity, but this
was publicized in advance.

2. The Park Committee nor City staff have any young (read teenagers) workers
that operate "independently"! I have nothing against teenagers, but am just
pointing out this out. I imagine one tends to see groups of teenagers
hanging around parks and the mall, not octarians! You can draw your own

3. If you see people in the park at night, (1 hour after sunset), call the
  City park access is not permitted 1 hour after sunset - period.

4. If you are a victim of any crime or vandalism, always call the police.  If
you see suspicious activity in our neighborhood - please call the police.  We
are very fortunate to live in one of the safest areas of the City, therefore, we
generally don't draw too much attention from the police.  However, if we report
incidences such as these, then we'll get regular and perhaps more frequent
patrols from the police.

Thank you for your consideration.  Remember, everyone of us can provide
valuable "eyes and ears" of the neighborhood.  Don't hesitate to make that
call.  We're all part of this community.

Michael Kubiniec
President, Almaden Winery Neighborhood Association

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