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From: President, Almaden Winery Neighborhood Association
To: AWNA Neighbors
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2004 10:06 PM
Subject: Christmas Trees in Vineland, Vintage and Tresor

If you live in Vineland Vintage and in Tresor (see update below), you probably received on your front door knob a green sign up form for purchasing a 5-6 Douglas Fir Christmas tree. If you have been a homeowner for even just a few years, you know that many homeowners place and decorate one of these trees in their front yard. It truly makes our neighborhood special and festive.

Once again, Tim and Valerie Orsley are coordinating this activity. They will deliver to your tree and set it up. All you have to do is drop off a registration form with your cash or check. Simple as that!

Cost is $24.50 for a 5-6 foot tree. If you need new rebar, the cost for that is $2.00

Provide your:   Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email address and indicate whether you need rebar or not.

Drop off your form, cash or check to the Orsley's at 1492 Bordelais Drive. Make your check out to Tim or Valerie Orsley.

The trees will be delivered on November 27th. If you'll be reusing your rebar from previous years, leave it on your lawn in the area you'd like your tree set up.

Finally, Tim and Valerie will be setting up about 100 trees on November 27th and could certainly use a few additional volunteers!  If you would like to help out, meet at the Orsley's home at 9:00 AM.

Michael Kubiniec President, Almaden Winery Neighborhood Association


The Tresor Home Owners Association Board of Directors has granted permission for residents to put trees in the common areas, but it would be particularly nice to put trees in areas facing the street. Perhaps, it could be a collaboration between two neighbors.  If you are interested in participating, provide your check and information to Valerie and Tim Orsley.

Thanks to Nancy Sakal, Tresor resident, for driving this issue with the Tresor Board.

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