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For the Almaden Gardens Plan as PDF, click here.

  1. The existing ornamental iron work will be duplicated and restored. Any new elements will be in the same character of those existing.

  1. The existing light posts will be restored and new ones will be added to provide sufficient lighting.

  2. The existing gazebos will be rebuilt to historical specifications.

  3. Added benches will reflect the style of the lights and gazebos.

  1. The benches will be made of wood and/or ornamental metal.

  1. The historic gardens on the site will be enhanced.

    1. The rose garden will be revitalized.

    1. The mulch will be replaced.

    2. Pathways will be resurfaced.

    1. Louis Benoist Garden will be restored.

    1. Benches will be added.

    2. Plants will be inventoried and replaced where needed.

    3. Ground will be resurfaced.

    1. Paths will be redefined.



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