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Phase 2 - Becoming A Park

Phase 3 - A Nicer Park

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For the Almaden Gardens Plan as PDF, click here.


The Goals

  • The park will reflect the history of the winery.

  • High Priority will be given to the needs of the adjoining residents.

  • The park design will place strong importance on visual quality both into and out of the park.

  • The park will provide for varied activities.

  • The park will be designed in a manner that is financially achievable and has minimal maintenance issues.

  • The park will be universally accessible to all ages and abilities.

Goal 1

The park will reflect the history of the winery.

  1. The architectural features found in the park will be accentuated and drawn upon when designing new elements.

  2. The exterior of the original winery building will be restored.

    1. The added wings may be removed.

    2. The entrance may be enhanced.

    3. The exterior may be sand blasted to expose the original red brick.

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