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Phase 2 - Becoming A Park

Phase 3 - A Nicer Park

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For the Almaden Gardens Plan as PDF, click here.

Site Description

The 5.26 acre site is in San Jose, California. It is surrounded on all sides by the newly built residences of Vintage at the Almaden Winery. The remaining structures in the middle portion of the site are the Original 1850's Winery and an administrative office building built in the 1970's. Most of the mature vegetation that was installed during the operation of the winery still remains on the site. This includes a fig, a pepper and five olive trees. Other landscape features include large mature oaks, hedges, lawns and an extensive rose garden. There are also two lacy iron gazebos that overlook the Almaden's Louis Benoist Gardens, designed by Thomas Church.

Mission Statement

The mission of this project is to create a comprehensive detailed design of the original Almaden Winery Site reflecting the needs of the neighborhood, the historic character of the winery and the spirit of Thomas Church. This will include a master plan in which a phasing element will allow the site to be constructed in the most aesthetically pleasing manner possible.

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