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Site Analysis

The Design

Phase 1 - Getting Started

Phase 2 - Becoming A Park

Phase 3 - A Nicer Park

Phase 4 - Finishing Touches

Phase 5 - Icing On The Cake

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pleted in the historic building for the convenience of visitors and cleanliness of the park.

The third phase revolves around completion of all the picnic areas on the upper portion of the site. All remaining walkways on the upper site will be installed for complete safe access to all elements. The main entrance on the corner of Chambertin Drive and Treviso Avenue will be installed. This will enhance the image of the neighborhood and make a beautiful statement about the park. Medium scale planting will be installed on the upper site to provide aesthetic landscape cover and help prevent erosion of soil. The final piece of phase three is the installation of the central plaza at the top of the stairs. This will create a heart for the park and provide a place for community gatherings.

The fourth phase will revolve around the enhancement of the picnic facilities in the orchard on the lower site. It will also include the completion of the planting on the upper site and the installation of the second entrance on the corners of Treviso Avenue and Le Franc Way.

The fifth phase will revolve around the restoration and enhancement of the rose garden and the Benoist garden. A second vineyard will be planted adjacent to the wine cellar. A new central staircase and fountain will be installed to enhance the central plaza. A trellised patio will be added to the historic building and the walkways around the lower building will be installed.

The Concept

This leads to the families of the Almaden Winery Neighborhood and how they can make the Le Franc gardens their own and participate in the legacy by letting the park serve as their own backyard. Community involvement in the design, planting and maintenance will ensure that the park's neighbors feel attached to their new outdoor space. It will be a place for their children to play, dream and learn. Living in an urban

environment, we often become removed from our connection to nature, so birds and other wildlife will be invited to share the backyard. Picnic areas are developed to enjoy outside dining with family and friends. Places have been designed to let the dogs run and play. Garden nooks are provided for reading and quiet contemplation. The views in the neighborhood have been improved by the park's beauty and property values will increase. Almaden Gardens is a place to be proud of, to feel ownership for, to teach a sense of community, to socialize in, and become closer to neighbors. It is a place to walk, visit, and enjoy as an outdoor extension of one's home.


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