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The Design

We suggest the name "Almaden Gardens" for the park at the old Almaden Winery site because it speaks of the unique qualities that this park offers. The park came with a fabulous collection of existing features such as twin gazebos, full grown plant material, the legacy of a great designer, the agricultural history of Santa Clara Valley, and its great wine producing families. It has a foundation laid by a time and lifestyle of another era, a time that is remembered in the beauty and elegant simplicity of gardens serving the Le Franc family and the family of patrons of their vineyard hospitality.







The historic value of this site gives it the
potential to be a park that stands out from the rest. It can become something more than just lawn and pre-manufactured tot lots that dominate our neighborhood parks today. We intended, with this design, to be cognizant of the history and truly design something that reflects the unique qualities of this site. There are many elements that have been designed into this park that reflect the history of the site and the Santa Clara Valley.

The site has many elements that are historic to the winery itself, including the historic winery building, the gazebos, grape vines, the Almaden "A" and hedges. The building and gazebos have been left as they currently exist in the master plan with the intention of restoring them to their original condition. Grape vines have obvious historic value so we've retained those that exist and added more grape vines in the design. In conjunction with the winery, we have incorporated the Almaden "A" into the entrance of the park and the fountain design. Hedges are a dominant element in the Thomas Church design that exists on the bottom half of the park. We have incorporated hedges into the top of the park as an element that reflects the spirit of Thomas Church.

Thomas Church

In our mission statement for this project we state that our design will reflect "the needs of the neighborhood, the historic character of the winery, and the spirit of Thomas Church." It might be a good idea, to revisit some of the ideas of Thomas Church:

"Church adopted a theory...which recognized three sources of form. The first consisted of human needs and the specific personal

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